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Onsen Body Treatment

ONSEN Body Glow Salt Scrub

          A full body exfoliation, which ideally for prone and problem skins, such as body acne and scar. A combination of mineral Dead Sea salt and special blended body oil, helps to remove the impurities and dead skin cell. The treatment helps to reduce an ingrown hair, and also increases blood circulation. Then you will be placed in a mineral Hot spring spa bath to enjoy and relax. Finishing with a full body moisturizing, and relaxation massage, this will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

Treatment includes;
     * 15 mns.      Body glow salt scrub.
     * 15 mns.      ONSEN Mineral hot spring bath.
     * 60 mn.s      Aromatherapy Hot Oil massage and Skin moisturizing. 

90 minutes : 1,200 Baht.

Thai Herbal Body Polish and Massage

          A superficial skin exfoliation treatment, which helps to brighten and soften up the skin. Beginning with 15 minutes soak in our sensation Mineral Hot spring Bath, followed by a full body exfoliation. Treatment using a mixture of natural herbs, honey and fresh milk. Milk and Honey help to nourish and whitened skin, while Thai herbs help to remove the dead skin cell. Finishing with a full body nourishment and relaxation massage, to restore skins moisture and balance. This treatment encourages the growth of new skin cell for a healthier skin.

Treatment includes;
     * 15 mns.      ONSEN Mineral hot spring bath.
     * 15 mns.      Thai Herbal Body polish.
     * 60 mns.      Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Skim moisturizing.

90 minutes : 1,200 Baht.

Detoxifying Body Wrap

          This treatment helps mineralized and detoxified the body through the skin.            Usage of seaweed mud, warmed to body temperature, then slathered over the body. Then the body is wrapped go under a warm thermal blanket for 45 mns. After, the body is washed and soaked in our sensational Aromatic Mineral Hot Spring bath. Follow with a whole hour of Relaxation Massage. This treatment eliminates excessive fluid and toxin, whilst stimulate lymph and restore the body's nature minerals. The treatment is also great with cellulite reduction. 

Treatment includes; 
     * 45 mns.       Seaweed body wrapped.
     * 15 mns.       Aromatic Mineral hot spring bath.
     * 60 mns.       Relaxation massage and skin moisturizing. 

120 minutes : 1,300 Baht.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wrap

          The body is smoothed in warm Dead Sea Mineral Mud and wrapped for 45 mns. After wrap, you can indulge yourself in a sensational Mineral Hot Spring spa, finishing with full body relaxation massage and moisturizing. With its healing and detoxifying properties, the Dead Sea mud is helps to detoxify the toxin under the skin. It also helps to enrich and condition the skin, improving tone and colour. This treatment will leave your skin soft, refresh and rejuvenated.

Treatment includes; 
     * 45 mns.        Dead Sea algae wrapped. 
     * 15 mns.        ONSEN Mineral hot spring bath.
     * 60 mns.        Relaxation massage and skin moisturizing.

120 minutes : 1,300 Baht.

ONSEN Luxury Body Enrich

          The most rewarding treatment for skin and soul. Start with a full body Aromatherapy Oil massage, to unwind the stress and relax the senses. Then the skin is exfoliated with herbals scrub, to clean the impurity and dead skin. Next, your skin will be slathered with a mixture of Thai herbs, milk, tamarind juice and honey. This cocoon gives you a complete benefit of nourishment. Then enjoy soaking in ONSEN Mineral Hot Spring spa, where it helps the ingredients, to penetrate into a deeper skin layer. Finish with a touch of full body relaxation and skin moisturizing, which great for a circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Treatment includes;
* 1   hour.    Aromatherapy Oil massage.
* 15 mns.     Herbal Body Exfoliation.
* 30 mns.     Mixed Herbal Body wrap.
* 15 mns.     Aromatherapy Milk and Mineral bath.
* 30 mns.     Relaxation massage and Skin moisturizing.

2.5 hours : 1,500 Baht.

ONSEN Luscious Milk and Mineral Spa

          This treatment will help you to achieve skin brightness and luminance. Your skin is exfoliated with Dead Sea salt scrub, and then slathered with a sensational cocoon which has a mixture of mixed herbs, milk, tamarind juice, honey and turmeric powder. Follow with a luscious milk and mineral spa bath and finishing with full body moisturising. This treatment helps with skin dryness, dull, and sunburn. This treatment will leave your skin softer, brighter, smooth, radiant, and rejuvenated.

Treatment includes; 
* 15    mns.         Dead Sea Salt Scrub. 
* 30    mns.         Mixed Herbal wrap.
* 15    mns.         Aromatherapy Milk and Mineral bath. 
* 90     mns.        Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage.

2.5 hours : 1,700 Baht.