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Onsen Spa

Sport Package

          This package is great for sporters and or physical workers. Treatment is designed to relieve pain and tension in the muscles, soothe inflammation, increase circulation and promote faster healing after the result of your workout.
Treatment includes:
*   Deep tissue, pressure points therapy and or Sport massage, stretching with hot herbals ball compress. 2 hr
*   Sport Mineral Hot Spring Recovery Bath 15 mns.
*   Skin Moisturizing with relaxation Massage 15 mns.
*   Complementary Refreshing Drink  

2.5 hours : 1,700 Baht

Travelers Retreat

          Treatment is specially designed for those who suffering from tiredness which resulted from long traveling and jet lagged. A full body Relaxation massage will help you to unwind, while special blended aroma oil works to help you relax and calm. This treatment will induce a complete state of relaxation and help your body to recover. 
Treatment includes:
*   Relaxation Massage 2 hr
*   Classic Facial Treatment 45 mns.
*   Herbals Body Scrub 15 mns.
*   Mineral and Milk Spa Bath 15 mns.
*   Complementary Refreshing Drink

3.5 hours : 2,000 Baht

Mind and Soul Revival

          A powerful treatment that will help to dissolved away stress and anxiety. Aroma Therapy Massage will help the body to release tress and tension, while the Aroma oil will relax your senses.
Treatment includes:
*   Aromatherapy Massage (with Aromatherapy oil of your choice)    1.5 hr
*   Classic Facial Treatment
*   Foot Massage (perform at the same time with facial and head massage)   1   hr.
*   Mixed herbs and Fresh tropical fruits cocoon 30 mns.
*   ONSEN Signature Mineral Hot Spring Bath 15 mns.
*   Complementary Refreshing Drink

4 hours : 2,500 Baht


          Here are our top couple spa packages recommendations. The best way you can enjoy your private and romantic spa experience together in our private and elegant, VIP Couple Spa Suites.
          At ONSEN, we are well known for the best luxury resort and spa, including our 3 series couple spa getaway. It is highly recommended for any loving and romantic couple to have, in the most beautiful scenery and most luxurious Resorts Spa in Chiangmai.
          More over, we have spa packages for bride and groom to be, to groom up yourself before the big day of your lives.
Engagement and Bridal Essential
          At ONSEN, we care for your every special occasion, and that includes the most important day of Men and Women’s life “Wedding”. We have a complete perfect spa treatment that will polish you up and pamper you from head to toe. Come to transform yourself into the most beautiful bride the world ever sees.
Perfect Bride Course;
*    Full Body Aromatherapy and Head Massage 1  hr.
*    Tamarind and Honey Body Brightening Scrub 20  mns.
*    Milk, Honey and Almond meal Skin Replenishment wrap 30  mns.
*    ONSEN Royal Deluxe Facial 1  hr. (this treatment done at the same time with body treatment) 
*    ONSEN Luscious Milk and Mineral Spa bath 20 mns. 
*    Full Body Moisturizing and Nourishment Massage 20 mns. 
*    Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure Spa
*    Refreshing Spa drink
*    Free transport to your Wedding Reception. (This offer is exclusively for ONSEN Hot Spring and Spa Resort customers only)

  4.5 hours. : 3,200 Baht

Charming Groom

          Developed exclusively for gentleman who is a groom to be. Relax with a stress release full body massage. Refine and energizing your face with the Gent Classic facial, which designed specifically for men with immediate results. Finish with a Manicure and Pedicure, for smooth nails, hands and feet. For optimal results of Facial, we recommend that you shaved before hands.
 *    Full Body Thai Relaxation and Head Massage 1.5 hr
*    Mineral Salt Scrub 15  mns
*    Nourishing Dead Sea Mud Wrap 30  mns
*    ONSEN Gent Classic Facial (this treatment done at the same time with body treatment) 45  mns
*    ONSEN Signature Mineral Hot Spring Spa bath 15 mns 
*    Full Body Nourishment 15 mns 
*    Gent Manicure and Pedicure Spa 1 hr
*    Refreshing Spa drink
*    Free transport in A Limousine to your Wedding Reception. (This offer is exclusively for ONSEN Hot Spring and Spa Resort customers only)

4.5 hours. : 3,000 Baht

ONSEN Honey Moon Escape

          For the new love birds to enjoy the most romantic atmosphere together.   Let us do the pampering for a well-deserved time-out together with your loved one. There's no better way to spend quality time together, than with our most delightful Honey Moon Escape. 
*    Aromatherapy Oil Massage 1.5 hr 
*    Classic Facial For Men and Women 45  mns.
*    ONSEN Body Glow Salt Scrub for Gentleman  15 mns
*    Honey, Milk and Oatmeal Body Scrub for Lady  15  mns
*    Hot Spring Mineral Clay Wrap 30  mns
*    Deluxe Foot Spa     for Lady 1 hr. 
*    Foot Reflexology Massage for Gentleman 1 hr.
*    ONSEN Mineral hot spring Spa Bath 15  mns
*    Full Body Rejuvenation and moisturizing 15  mns
*    Refreshing Spa drink

4.5 hrs. (Price charge in couple) : 5,500 Baht 

Sweet and Romance Anniversary

          Enjoy an indulgent, romantic and quality time together in our luxuriously appointed VIP Couple Suite. This signature spa package is highly recommended for loving couples, to celebrate their special occasion together. Make everyday of your meaningful love a special day here, at ONSEN Hot Spring Spa and Resort.
*    Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage 1.5 hrs.
*    ONSEN Body Glow Salt Scrub for Gentleman  15mns.
*    Skin Brightening Tamarind and Honey Scrub for Lady  20mns
*    Thai Herbal wrap 30mns
*    Classic Facial for Her (this treatment done at the same time with body wrap) Gents Classic Facial for Him 45mns
*    ONSEN Luscious Milk and Mineral Spa bath    20mns
*    Full Body Rejuvenation and moisturizing  20mns
*    Complementary Spa drink

4 hrs. (Price charge in couple) : 4,800 Baht

Eternal Love under Sunset at ONSEN

          The best ways to celebrate your precious moments together is to choose our favorite Eternal Love under Sunset at ONSEN spa treatment. Let us pamper you and your love one, with our exclusive couple spa treatment, in our luxuriousVIP Couple Suite. Enjoy each others love and company under the sunset at ONSEN, where every dreams of happiness comes through. 
*    Full Body Thai Relaxation with Hot Herbal Oil Massage 1.5 hr
*    Mixed Herbal Body Polish 15mns
*    Milk, Honey and almond meal Skin Replenishment wrap 30mns
*    Classic Facial for Her (this treatment done at the same time with body wrap) 
*    Gents Classic Facial for Him 45mns
*    ONSEN Aromatic Herbal Mineral Spa bath 15mns
*    Full Body Rejuvenation and moisturizing 15mns 
*    Complementary Spa drink

3.5 hrs. (Price charge in couple)  : 5,000 Baht

After Sun Skin Revitalizing

          Specially designed to relieve the pain from Sunburn and repair the damaged skin. A Cooling puree of cucumber, blended with soothing Aloe Vera, Natural Yoghurt, Tea tree oil, Chamomile and Milk powder. The Mixture is slathered over the entire body concentrate on the effected area for 45 minutes. Generous amount of Aloe Vera Skin soothing lotion is applied with a Gentle Massage, to Re-hydrating the skin.

1.5 hour : 1,000 Baht